The HEART Trust/NTA relies heavily on research – an essential tool for effecting transformational workforce training. All major labour market studies and research projects are undertaken by the Labour Market Research and Intelligence Department. Listed below are the projects managed:

Determines graduates’ success in obtaining jobs and the impact of training on their professional successes.

Determines employer satisfaction and establishes the performance rating of graduates employed in firms. It also determines skills gaps or training needs of employers within different industries or sectors.

Develops training plans based on skills gaps and emerging occupations in various industries and sectors.

Determines potential skills shortage and surplus in the labour force by occupational area. The purpose of this analysis is to inform training delivery in the HEART Trust/NTA training system.

Develops demographic and socio-economic profiles of parishes and identifies potential labour needs of the population.

Appraisals of systems and processes used by The HEART Trust/NTA to ensure efficiency and effectiveness of the training system.

Details evaluative five-year and two-year analyses of the performance of TVET system based on key training and certification indicators.

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